Gardaí Covid-19 Enforcement Powers

John A Sinnott Solicitors, garda checkpoint

Gardaí now have a range of new Covid-19 enforcement powers. Previously, Gardaí could only encourage people to abide by regulations.  Now, Gardaí can fine those who are non-compliant.

A person may now be subject to a €100 fine if they engage in non-essential travel and refuse to comply with the direction of a Garda to return home.

A list of 21 “reasonable excuses” for travelling outside the permitted area are set out in the guidance issued to Gardaí.  These include shopping, essential work, for education and to provide healthcare. People fleeing domestic violence are also exempt from the limit.

People may leave their home to exercise but only within 5km of their residence according to current restrictions.

Some other key enforcements are:

  • Those in breach of mask regulations can be fined €80.
  • Taxi drivers can be fined for failing to ensure passengers wear a face covering in their vehicle.
  • Retail workers and managers can be fined for failing to wear a mask while working.
  • Commuters can be fined for failing to wear masks in designated areas.

Fines can be appealed through the Garda website.

We understand your fear and frustration. We encourage everyone to abide by current restrictions and to stay safe and well.