Our Door is Open

John A Sinnott Solicitors, workers tips

From June 8th, we welcome visitors back to our office.

We do so with caution.

We can still carry out phone or zoom consultations, so please phone for advice as to the type of consultation that best suits your needs.

So we can control the number of people on our premises, please:

  • Only call to the office if you have an appointment.
  • Arrive on time – not too early, not too late.
  • Don’t bring along extra people not essential to the appointment.  Friends, family cannot wait inside the building for you.
  • Knock if the door is closed on arrival.  It may be closed because we have reached the maximum permissible on the premises.

We will:

  • Welcome you warmly but will not shake hands at this time
  • Ensure 2-meter physical distancing is maintained across our 3 floors for clients, staff and visitors
  • Regularly clean all surfaces, focussing particularly on high-risk areas
  • Follow HSE advice with regard to hand-washing, respiratory etiquette and hygiene

We ask you to:

  • Cancel your appointment if you are feeling unwell
  • Clean your hands before you come in and when you come in
  • Bring your own pen
  • Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily
  • Adhere to respiratory etiquette
  • Maintain a distance of at least 2-meters from other people

We look forward to seeing you.