Making a Personal Injury Claim – When is it “Fair” to do so?

John A Sinnott Solicitors, personal injury

It should be remembered that the purpose of personal injury compensation is to put a person back in the same financial position as they were before a particular incident occurred.

The person making the personal injury claim must, therefore, have suffered a loss as a result of the incident.  That loss can be a measure of damages for pain and suffering or financial loss etc.  The claimant must be able to prove that the incident was not their own fault and that a third party was negligent.  A person cannot make a claim if, for example, they simply fall and nobody was at fault, regardless of how serious the injuries are.

Compensation will not put you in a better financial position than prior to the incident.

Come and talk to us if you have had an injury in a public place, were injured as a result of a road traffic accident, at work, as a result of faulty goods or through medical negligence.  We will assess the facts and will quickly establish if you should make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Likewise, if a claim is being made against you, you should also talk to us.  Often the Respondent’s insurance policy will cover the cost of a claim.  Sometimes a claim can be unfairly made against an organisation or a person and these cases will not be tolerated by the Courts.  It is especially vital that legal advice is sought in these instances.

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