Where there’s no Will, there’s no way . . . for you to have your say.

Life is short.  We have heard it said a thousand times.  Perhaps that is why we avoid planning for our death.  In neglecting to make a Will, we are neglecting to care for those left behind.


If a person dies without having made a Will, this is called dying intestate.  This means that the State decides the fate of their property and it will be distributed as follows:

Surviving Relatives:
Spouse & Children Two thirds to spouse and one third equally between children
Spouse & No Children Spouse takes all
Children & No Spouse Children share equally with children of a pre-deceased child taking per stirpes*
Grandchildren and No Spouse or Children Grandchildren share equally
Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters Each parent takes one half
One Parent, Brothers and Sisters Parent takes all
Brothers & Sisters All share equally

*An example of Per Stirpes – George had three children, Bill, Bob and Barbara. Bill died in 2002 leaving two children of his own. George died intestate, a widower, in 2008. Who will take George’s estate? Bob and Barbara will take one third each and the remaining one third will be divided equally between Bill’s children.


My advice?  Let me help you make your Will today.  And then it’s done. Contact us now